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  • Welcome!! Thanks for stopping by my little piece of blog home. I'm Lindsay, a lover of Caribou coffee, the color grey, boots and scarves in the fall, reading, comfy sweats and a good book, and of course my wonderful family.
    I photograph weddings, families and births in the Fargo / Moorhead area and beyond.
    Grab a cup of coffee (did I mention I love coffee?) and take a look around!

Laura and Matt | Fargo Avalon Wedding

I have been so excited for this wedding since I met Laura and Matt over a year ago. They are the type of couple that just radiate love anytime you see them together. We met for the first time at a coffee shop and within a few minutes I could just feel the love in the room. Laura has been in her residency so she has been moving around a lot on her rotations. When we met was the first time they had seen each other in about a month, and I could see how much they missed each other!

We started our day at the Avalon Event Center downtown, where Laura and her girls met to get ready. Then we headed to Island Park for their first look and their wedding party pictures. From there we went to the church for the ceremony and then back to the Avalon for the party!

Laura and Matt have the coolest story of how they met, and you’ll see a cute picture reenacting that in this post. 🙂 They went to the same church and Matt sat behind her for an entire year before he got up the nerve to ask her out. Once he did they were inseparable after that!

Matt and Laura have made their new home in Washington and got into their car the morning after their wedding for their drive home. I’m going to miss them!

Thank you Matt and Laura and their families for having us document your special day for you! We loved every second!

Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0001 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0002 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0003 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0004 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0005 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0006 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0007 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0008 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0009 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0010 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0011 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0012 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0013 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0014 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0015 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0016 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0017 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0018 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0019 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0020 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0021 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0022 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0023 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0024 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0025 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0026 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0027 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0028 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0029 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0030 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0031 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0032

They made signs to show where they each sat at church. For an entire year! Such a cute story!

Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0033 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0034 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0035 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0036 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0037 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0038 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0039 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0040 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0041 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0042 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0043 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0044 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0045
One of my favorite moments, the dad and the bride right before  Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0046 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0047 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0048 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0049 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0050 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0052

Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0051 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0053 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0054 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0055 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0056 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0057 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0058 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0059 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0060 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0061 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0062 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0063 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0064 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0065 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0066 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0067 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0068 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0069 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0070 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0071 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0072 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0073 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0074 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0075 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0076 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0077 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0078 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0079 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0080 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0081

Their wedding party surprised them by coming out with batman and Dorothy cardboard cutouts. Apparently Matt and Laura as a child both used to pretend they were characters and would only be called by that name. Matt was batman and Laura was Dorothy. It was such a fun part of the wedding!

Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0082 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0085 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0086 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0087 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0088 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0089 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0090 I LOVE this image!!!

Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0091 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0092 Fargo-Avalon-Wedding_0093


Lindsay is an engagement and wedding photographer
based out of Fargo, North Dakota

View more of her work here: Lindsay Kaye Photography
or visit her facebook page.

Venue: Avalon Event Center Downtown
Church: Calvary United Methodist Church
Flowers: Designs by Donna
Brides Dress: Alan Evans
Bridesmaid Dresses: Alan Evans
Cake: Quality Bakery
Suits: Halberstadt’s
Brides Hair/Makeup: Oliveri’s
DJ: Harmon Danceworks
Photography: Lindsay Kaye Photography



August 28, 2015 - 10:03 pm

Elaine Peterson - Every single photo is beautiful! Some are exceptional. It will be challenging to pick the photos to be enlarged or in an album.

August 28, 2015 - 10:50 pm

Betty Dobberpuhl - Very nice photos and a fun wedding………..A day for Matt and Laura to always hold dear

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