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  • Welcome!! Thanks for stopping by my little piece of blog home. I'm Lindsay, a lover of Caribou coffee, the color grey, boots and scarves in the fall, reading, comfy sweats and a good book, and of course my wonderful family.
    I photograph weddings, families and births in the Fargo / Moorhead area and beyond.
    Grab a cup of coffee (did I mention I love coffee?) and take a look around!

Fargo Vintage Garden Venue Wedding Photos | Aimee and Paul

This couple. This day. I probably over blogged, but I could just not decide which photos to include. Aimee and Paul just radiated happiness the entire day. Their wedding was held at the Vintage Garden Venue, just outside of Fargo. If you’ve never been to this venue before, it’s a beautiful barn that’s redone where they hold the dance, but they also built a new barn for a bigger reception area, and new this year there is a house for the girls to get ready in. The owners live on the property as well, and are just amazing!

I met Aimee and Paul last October at a local coffee house and they shared their story of how they met with me there. I knew right away that I loved them and just hoped that they felt the same way. (It’s like first date jitters, but worse!). They ended up signing their contract that night (woo!) and we got right to scheduling their engagement session, which they wanted in the fall as well.

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect. (Well I could have gone with a little less wind, we just about blew away!). The two of them together, I just cannot explain. They have this energy together that is incredible to witness and it just makes me so happy as a photographer. I hope that I was able to capture that in the images. They’re incredibly adorable together and giggle and just have fun both in front of the camera and not.

Thank you Aimee, Paul and your families for having me photograph your big day. It was truly an honor!

fargo wedding photographer Fargo Vintage Garden Venue bride getting ready photos wedding cocktails makeup artist wedding photos beautiful wedding dress photography wedding accessories bridesmaids dresses I have never loved a group of dresses as much as these:
pink bridesmaid dresses wedding day candids fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0011 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0012
She had her husband’s badge number sewn into the inside of her dress as her ‘something blue’ fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0013 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0014

Her dress. <3 (And total back envy right now…. Aimee can you be my personal trainer?)
fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0015 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0016 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0017

She did a ‘first reveal’ with her girls and what a great idea! And I’m loving these matching robes for the girls!
fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0018 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0019 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0020 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0021 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0022 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0023 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0024 This flower girl… You’ll see her a lot!  fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0025
Meanwhile the guys are having lots of fun in the barn, thanks to my amazing second Kari for capturing these:
fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0026 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0027

First look: fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0028 Following their first look they had one of the most incredible moments of prayer together, I was in tears after:
fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0030 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0031 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0032
That new house I was telling you about for the girls to get ready in! It made a great backdrop for photos to get out of the sun (and the wind!) fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0033 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0034 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0035 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0036 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0037 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0038 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0039 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0040 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0041
fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0047 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0048

These guys weren’t any fun…. fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0049 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0050 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0051
Time for the ceremony, outside on the Vintage Garden Property: fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0052
One of my favorite moments that I have my second photographer capture is the bride and her dad just before they walk down. <3 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0053 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0054 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0055 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0056 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0057 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0058 Instead of a unity candle, they put together a cross together during their ceremony
Married! fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0061 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0062 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0063 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0064 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0065 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0066

If you’re debating whether or not to take a break from your reception to sneak in some sunset photos, the answer is yes! yes yes yes yes. fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0042 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0043 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0044

They just cannot be more adorable

fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0046 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0045

Dance time!

fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0067 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0068 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0069 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0070 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0071 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0072 fargo-wedding-photography-vintage-garden-venue_0073


Behind the scenes:

One photo from the instagram account: @lindsaykaye



From my amazing second photographer Kari:


And I also did my first Facebook Live from this wedding, click to see it!



Lindsay is an engagement and wedding photographer
based out of Fargo, North Dakota

View more of her work here: Lindsay Kaye Photography
or visit her facebook page.

Venue: The Vintage Garden Venue  |  Barnesville, MN
Flowers: 4L Floral  |  Ada, MN
Brides Dress: a&bé bridal shop  | Minneapolis, MN
Bridesmaids Robes/Kimonos: Etsy
Bridesmaid Dresses: Each picked their own
Suits: Tip Top Tux  |  Fargo, ND
Cake: Bride’s friend – Kat Webb
Cupcakes: made by bride and sister
Hair: Kara Martens | Cloud 9 Salon
Makeup: Cally Jo Salon  |  Fargo, ND
DJ: Fuze Mobile Entertainment  |  Fargo, ND
Photos: Lindsay Kaye Photography



Fargo Birth Photography | Area Women Magazine Feature

I’m so incredibly honored to be featured in the June/July edition of Area Woman Magazine! The fact that people would want to read about what I do just absolutely floors me! Thank you to all of my former birth clients who allow me to share your stories and images not only in the magazine, but online as well. It really helps to get the word out that birth photography is a ‘thing’ (and not what people first think it is) and how absolutely amazing it is. I am so lucky to get to be there when these little miracles enter the world! These mamas will have images of moments they never want to forget, meeting their baby for the first time!

If you’d like to read the article, pick up a copy at local grocery stores or coffee shops (they’re free!) or you can look at the online version here.

And while you have the magazine be sure to check out the cover feature article of the amazing Cori Jensen. She is an incredible woman and an inspiration to so many, the article is fantastic!





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